Sew Different Swing Jacket
Swing Jacket - Sew Different

Swing Jacket - Sew Different

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The Swing Jacket is a relaxed fit, throw-on jacket with no fastening. There are large pockets integrated into the front diagonal seam. The wide trim acts as a facing and the grown-on, three quarter-length sleeves making it a super-easy, unlined jacket. You will find lengthen lines marked on the pattern pieces to allow you to alter the body and sleeve length to suit you.


Linen, cotton, velvet, viscose, lightweight wool, chambray, denim, double knit, tweed, silk.


Fabric 150cm / 60inch WIDE

Quantity required • 2m / 2.25yds

Fabric 112cm / 45 inch WIDE

NOTE: The Swing Jacket will only fit on 112cm wide fabric if the pattern pieces are placed across the grain rather than with the grain.

Quantity required • 2.75m / 3yds