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Machine Services

Want to get that old sewing machine out off the loft? Been using your sewing machine or overlocker none stop? Or is your machine just not working the way it used to? Sounds like your machine could use a service!

We have a wonderful chap who comes to us once a week, normally on a Thursday, to collect and drop off machines. He performs and full service on both standard and computerised sewing machines as well as overlockers, and he'll put right any issues you've been having with it, but more often than not a machine just needs a really good deep clean inside and oiling. If you machine has any broke parts that need replacing David will call you directly to let you know how much the additional part will be before odering it so you can make the decision whether to get the new part or not. This is so there are no hidden or surprise charges to you when you collect your machine after it's service, much like an MOT on your car.

Sewing machine services are £60 and overlocker services are £70.

If you would like to book your machine in for a service please email us at

Once we have arranged a time for you to safely drop your machine off we will send you a form that youll need to fill out to go with your machine. This will need your name, the details about your sewing machine (eg make and model), any issues you've been experiencing with your machine and the best phone number to contact you on should the machanic need to speak with you about your machine. You will also need to remember any parts that go with your machine (such as the pedal and power supply cord) and we ask that you do your best to label all parts clearly.

Machines are normally away for a week and we will contact you as soon as your machine is back at our shop.