Prym - Aquatrick- Extra Fine Marking and Water Pen

Prym - Aquatrick- Extra Fine Marking and Water Pen

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Description: Plyers Case - Extra Fine Marking and Water Pen

 'Aquatrick' marker and water pen, extra fine

A perfect duo for marking and removing extra fine markings! Whether for embroidery, sewing, patchwork & quilting: the Aqua-Trickmarker can be used to make markings on fabrics that should no longer be visible later. Thanks to its extra-fine tip, the aqua trick marker is particularly suitable for fine materials and the water pen shows its ability above all in the exact removal of the marked lines before ironing. In addition, the water pen can also be used to transfer short-term markings because it creates lines on the fabric with its damp brush tip. Stains on the fabric? Simply fill the water pen with a mixture of water and stain remover and remove the stain with pinpoint accuracy. Important: Test the marking and removal properties in advance on a sample fabric!