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Adults, Beginners - Make a Tote Bag - One Day Course

Adults, Beginners - Make a Tote Bag - One Day Course

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If you classify yourself as an ‘absolute beginner or you just need ‘refreshing’ or re-gaining your confidence, this class is designed specifically for you. In this class you will not only learn the basics of how to use a sewing machine, but you will also learn basic sewing skills to assist you in more complex future projects. This usually takes around 5-6 hours which can be completed in a day or over a series of days/weeks. Learn to; thread up a machine, fill a bobbin change and use a few different feet, button hole, make handles and pockets, top stitch and go away with a Tote Bag!

These Workshops run all day on a Sunday 10-4pm and on some Monday evenings for 3 weeks (7-9pm)

The price for the sessions is £90.00 including all materials, tea, coffee and biscuits too!