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Adults, Pattern Drafting, 5 Day Jacket Course

Adults, Pattern Drafting, 5 Day Jacket Course

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The Beautifully Closely Fitted Tailored Jacket Block

On this exciting workshop you will take your skills and knowledge to a new level!

 This is a five-day workshop, where we will take your basic bodice block and one-piece sleeve block to develop a beautiful tailored jacket. If you haven’t already completed these workshops you will be required to so before signing up for this course. We will also draft a collar and lapel, draft jet pockets, shoulder pads, facings and a lining. These elements will be key to constructing your final garment in a fabric of your choice. If there is time, you will transform your one-piece sleeve in to a two-piece sleeve and if not, there will be further workshops where you can develop your blocks with more complex details.

*Please note that there are a range of fabrics available to purchase in the Carolyn Rose Shop, you will have the opportunity to talk about fabrics on the first day of the course, as it’s important to choose the correct fabric for the tailored jacket.