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Adults, Beginners, Pattern Drafting Skirt Block, Two Day Workshop

Adults, Beginners, Pattern Drafting Skirt Block, Two Day Workshop

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Drafting Your Skirt Block

 The skirt block is a perfect place to start when learning how to Pattern Cut. On this exciting beginners’ workshop, you will learn the importance of measuring the body correctly, whilst learning about key areas and points. These measurements will be recorded and then transferred onto pattern paper.

Once the basic skirt block is drafted, you will then be guided through making and fitting your ‘toile’ (a calico ‘mock-up’ of the basic skirt block). The toile will then be applied to the body and you will also be shown how to make adjustments to the toile and transfer them back onto the draft.

As the skirt block is a relatively easy block to draft, it will be completed on day one, with the addition of a simple facing or waistband finish, and simple zip opening. Then, on day two, you will be able to make your skirt out of a final fabric of your choice.

*Please note, that once you have completed the series of basic blocks, there will be further advanced workshops where you can start to be more creative and change the silhouette of your blocks by adding interesting design lines and detail.

The course costs £180.00 and will include your paper and 2mtrs calico for your toile. Please note on day two you will have to purchase your own choice of fabric for your skirt as the prices all vary depending on your selection.



About Lee our Pattern Cutter
Lee is a Fashion Designer/Stylist and Pattern cutter based in Nottingham. His degree in Fashion Design at Nottingham Trent allowed him to perfect and develop his knowledge of garment construction and pattern cutting. During this time he also gained a Pattern cutting Internship at Victoria Beckham, where he assisted the Head Pattern Cutter there.

His experience to date, has enabled him to gain in depth knowledge of garment construction and pattern drafting, which he is now happy to share with others. His aim is to make clothes and drafting patterns fun and exciting and by using quicker and easier methods, learnt within the Industry.